Thursday, August 25, 2011

NTR: The Honest Man's Worse Nightmare

Note: Boobs gain 3 cup sizes when you cheat.

It seems like everyone who's into hentai has the one subsection that they can't get over. For a lot of people its things like Futarani, Pregnancy, or even something as simple as Small Breast (these people need to get over themsevles, but moving on...). But for me, its a little known sub-genre known as NTR.
La la la, I'm not hearing this...
What is NTR? Well, it stands for, "Never To Return." More or less the stories for these follow the storyline of Boy meets Girl, they fall in love, girl goes missing for a certain period of time, girl gives boy random message telling him to meet up, and boy shows up at the location where another guy is fucking the girl and she forces the original boy to watch.

This type of storyline is just fucked up in my opinion. Sure, there are some stories that end with the final gag of the girl ending up with someone else, but the problem is that all of these stories are actually dead serious and there's nothing funny about it.

Now I've said a few times before, but one of the reason I like hentai as much as I do is because there is an element of romance in these stories. Its not just a fantasy of two people fucking, its a fantasy of two people making love. NTR is a betrayal of that. Its the serious story of a women cheating on a honest man, and the dude being forced to watch as some stranger plows into his girlfriend. You feel horrible for the guy. Hell, most of the time the dude is crying asking why this came to be. This is just a horrible fantasy to have, and quite frankly, it is unhealthy. Yes, there are women who cheat on honest people, but you can't expect all of them to be like that. Even if the girl you loved cheats on you, then you know what, she never truly loved you and you need to get out of that relationship.

I think what bothers me more than anything is the dude's reaction towards the end of these stories. They always sit back and take it. They never have the balls to leave the relationship. If this situation ever happened to me, no matter how much I loved that person, I would end the relationship right then and there. If she thinks I suck at sex (which is a fact I would not deny, mind you), and she sought the arms of another to meet her needs instead of experimenting or telling me how to improve my performance, she would be out the door and I would never give her a second thought. People shouldn't have to put up for this type of shit, I don't care who you're with, no one deserves to be cast aside like this.

What website? UglyFuckers. com
You know what else is weird with these stories? The dude the woman is cheating with is always a scumbag. I'd feel different if she went to sleep with some other guy who was at least likeable, but no, its always the biggest turd monkey the writer can think of. Its bad enough the woman is cheating on the dude, but she has to cheat on someone who looks like a gorilla with his face bashed in? That can't make the dude feel any better. You know what, I'll take it a step further, the dude being cheated on, is never a scumbag. The dude never gives the girl a real reason for leaving him, outside of him being "bad at sex." So she always ends up looking like the jackass. If the story had been mixed around and the dude was doing something else wrong in the relationship, like not listening to her or not taking her out on any dates after they slept with each other for the first time, whatever, I would understand her decision for wanting to sleep with someone else. But no, the dude in these stories is never wrong, and he will always be the victim and that's bullshit.

"Merely Superficial..." Bitch, please
Plus, this sub-genre plays a real number for those who fight against double standards. In hentai, (hell, in real life) when a dude sleeps around with another girl who isn't his girlfriend, this is seen as a dude being a dude. BUT when a women sleeps with another guy, she's considered a slut. For the record, all of the girls in NTR stories are sluts, but you know what, that's not fair to other stories that tries to portray women partaking in causal sex. Its rare to see stories where a woman sleeps around with a couple of different guys and her not come off as a total slut. No one speaks up when guys sleep around and break women's hearts, but the moment a women breaks a man's heart, THAT'S JUST CRUEL! Its just odd how people, including myself for that matter, will speak up against NTR, but not against men doing the same damn thing the women are doing. So in a way, I hate NTR for making me feeling like a jerk with double standards.

I also, have no idea who these are aimed for. I don't even want to imagine the type of guy who's fantasy is for a girl to cheat on him. The dude must have some of the lowest self-esteem on the face of the planet. I don't even see this as female empowerment material, cause the women in these always come off as jerks and assholes. I just don't see an audience for this sub-genre that doesn't get pissed off in one way or another.

"FUCK OFF WHORE!" is the only right response.
But again, NTR is a betrayal of romance, and as an honest guy who only wants to satisfy another women on both an emotional and physical level, these stories turn the beauty of romance into something dark and sinister, and with the world as dark as it is, the last thing we need is for our masturbation material to be depressing as shit.


  1. Learn something everyday, and regret it afterwards.

  2. I have this pet peeve as well, but the NTR I usually come across is when the girl with a boyfriend is raped against her own will by a group of assholes. This kind of lifts some of the blame off the girl, but in the end they are still broken into becoming some sort of sex slave (which I'm iffy about whether or not that could happen in real life). Unfortunately, some people still have messed-up fetishes.