Friday, February 11, 2011

AMR Ariel Review

This time we take a look at the mecha OVA Ariel. Will our reviewer fall in love with this silver haired mech suit or will it cause his hair to turn gray. Watch and find out!


  1. I wanted the world to end - darn that sucked.

    Thanks for helping me make sure I never ever get this oldie.

  2. okay first things first. NO BEARD! second thing. god this episode seemed to drag on, it was basically blah. dude it was a downer. i mean basically you were just trashing Ariel, which i get completely cuz it looks rather lame, but dude it took forever for you to trash it. just get to the point, it sucked. done. see how easy that was? i know you can't do that because you need to have back up for it, but just saying, maybe there was a way to expidite the conclusion. but other than that, if i was looking for a professional review, it was perfect. you stated the faults and you gave us your opinon. it was thorough and you didn't just say i hated this anime and quit you went into detail. so keep up the profesionalism but try to spice it up a bit. and please don't keep that god awful beard.