Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fist of the North Star Review

Episode 16 of AMR. This time we look at the 1995 Live-Action Fist of the North Star Movie. Hopefully, CJ's head won't explode.

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Edit: 10/21/2010
I resently decided to try reading the Fist of the North Star manga again, since its been a while since I've last read the series, but I came across something that I probably should have mentioned in the review.

While its true that Lin was Mute in the manga from the start and Kenshiro healed her, I've recently came across another character who's kinda blind and calls herself Bat's sister. There was a character named Taki, who was a young girl the same age as Lin and she grew up in the same orphanage as Bat. While traveling the desert to search for both Bat and men to help dig another well for their village, Taki was blinded by the sun. Part of me is starting to wonder if the creators of this movie wanted to combine both Lin and Taki's characters into one person. After all Lin has no connections to Bat at the start of the series. Hell, there's very little reason to have Lin's character in the section of the story with Shin in it (the same could be said for Bat, since all he did was stand in the sidelines).  I think the writers of this movie knew both Bat and Lin where popular characters in the manga and wanted to bank in on their popularity. But in order for the two characters to be connected, they gave Lin the traits of Taki (her blindness and her connections to Bat). Also by saying its Lin the connection between Lin and Kenshiro makes more sense as well, since Lin has a strange obsession with getting into trouble. So either the filmmakers confused Lin for Taki when writing the script, or they were trying to combine the two characters together to better form the weakness of the plot. Either way this movie is stupid.

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  1. WTF - a Gun in Fist of the North Star, really, how bad can you be. It will be on my must watch list right next to DragonBall.