Saturday, July 24, 2010

Animeshon Podcast S2 EP15 - Thursday on Friday w/ CJ Hitchcock

I was asked to make a guest appearance on Josh Dunham's, "Animeshon Podcast," and I agreed. We talk about the news of the week, things we've been watching and we go into an in depth review of the movie, "Memories." Give it a listen to. It was a lot of fun recording it and I honestly won't mind doing it again. Use the link to find the podcast.

Edit: I'm adding embedding codes for the podcast I was on and Josh's podcast doesn't allow that opinion, so if you want to listen to this episode, head over to his site. 


  1. for some reason the link is not wrking for me :(

  2. Its not working on his site either. I'll have too let him know.

  3. fixed it up: