Thursday, February 4, 2010

AMR Top Ten Anime Songs for Guitar Hero or Rock Band

Episode 7 of AMR. This time we're going to be doing something a bit different. We'll have a look at the top ten anime related songs that I believe should be on either a Guitar Hero or Rock Band game.


  1. LOL - "Nerd Rock" - seems like a good idea, but we know the Executives will have none of it.

    Even with this being published in Japan, it may not see the light. If we know anything, it is the whole licensing issue that Japan has with the Anime and Soundtracks. The other issue of course is that it would need to be re-done in English. You will get the old subbed/dubbed people screaming foul - baka.

    As you said though, it may give some of the old Anime a new lease on life if they actually did this.

    btw . . .Gurren Lagann RULES!

  2. TTGL does rule indeed! I've never seen so much win in a show.

    Your list is very nice. I'm not a big "Number 1"-fan myself but whatever, I couldn't agree more with this ranking.
    EXCEPT: The Gantz opening is missing. I love this song and it kicks so much ass, I bet it would be fun playing it - even if the anime is stupid and doesn't do the manga justice.
    Something slower and darker would be the Ergo Proxy into, a really beautiful song.
    You said diversity is good, right?
    You should check out these songs!

    Well, who said this game should have a playlist of only 10 songs? ;-P